Monday, 25 September 2017

End of season run

 Chopper Freaks made an (almost) end of season run to the Boogers MC party in Sandefjord making a stop at Rabalder MC's "new" clubhouse, to which they are still in the process of moving after the Shuffle MC's patchover.
A few of our guys wait for the rest of the bikes to show at the CF clubhouse.

 Gas station stop and smokes for them that do.
 Ahh! the inevitable oil leak
 Waiting for the ferry to cross over the Oslofjord

 Line-up outside Rabalder's "new" clubhouse.
Beers and coffee for the travelers on arrival
An unusual creation spotted in the workshop with lots of cool details, no one seems to know much about it. The Getaway Rebellion. Speedway? Morten was impressed anyway.

Of course, Morten always has to try.
The standard after-party bacon and egg breakfast! Thanks for the hospitality Rabalder, see you all soon!