Monday, 17 October 2016


This summer the Chopper Freaks celebrated their 30 years anniversary with a super successful party at their clubhouse. Now to show their thanks for all the willing helpers who helped to make such a success, they invited them to a thankyou dinner and party at the clubhouse Saturday. All the food was prepared in the clubhouse kitchen. Much more than this photo shows!

Girls always have fun when they get together
Our local street musician Mr Olsen and his One Man Blues Band. (before a certain member got the techno going!)
 Chopper Freak Espen was presented with a steel model of his own chopper for his 25th anniversary as member of the club.
These 1:10 models are absolutely awsome! Built by Beer of BB Designz. (link in the right column)

Also...This awsome 2-sided railway station clock finally mounted on the clubhouse! illuminated and working. An amazing gift given to the club by friendship club Paranoid MC from Trondheim, Norway.