Monday, 11 July 2016

Road Trip to Iron Wolf's Summer Party

At the Chopper Freaks porch, the evening before, a visit from our Rabalder buddys. Fresh prawns and cold beers before our road trip together.
First gas stop in Sweden on our small road trip to Iron Wolf's MC summer party. 300km run in nice weather. (Not so nice on the way home Sunday, 200km with rain)
 First thing on arrival at the Iron Wolf's party was to check out the bike park for cool choppers.
Huge amount of bikes, and the camping almost full was what met us on Saturday afternoon.
 Rabalder's high neck bult by "Pit Bull"
 Lookin' good!
 Nice knuckle.
The "Suicide Machine"
Nice Shovel.
 Ahh! now the first cold one! Good times just starting!
You can't keep ol' Pit Bull from his food!
The porch and volley ball court at Iron Wolf's. You could also try clay pigeon shooting in the field by the bike park.
 Good times for all!
Early yet, the band warms up ready for the evening concert. Seems that some folks just have to move a little.....and thanks to the Iron Wolf's crew for a great party. See you next year!