Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Road Trip to Rogues Party

 Norwegians from Rabalder MC, Chopper Freaks MC and Shuffle MC enjoying a beer or three after a long ride
 Chief Rogue, Beer together with Arne from Shuffle MC
 Ville Viggo seems be in a good mood and no worries, even after his bike puked oil over all the rest of us and he had to leave it at the border to Holland. Hmmm...could it be that he enjoyed some Dutch "fresh" air?
Rabalder at their camp relaxing in the afternoon together with Kevin from France.
Real "Old School" camping. Wanna travel light? Way to go, man!

Leo from Schapekoppen Netherlands won first prize at the bike show with his beautiful chopper.
Our f
riends from Red Hill Choppers Germany, Jörg and Presi got the prize for longest distance on a chopper (2200km). They took a round tour traveling first to Norway then back through Denmark and Germany to Holland together with the Norwegians.
More chopper pics. coming tomorrow...stay tuned!